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Sell My Florida Home

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Let's face it.  Nobody likes expired homes.  The seller doesn't like it because they can't move. The agent doesn't like it because they have done a lot of work and did not get paid.

Most often there are simple reasons that a home doesn't sell when listed with an agent. Let me give you a few reasons with explanations for why expired homes don't sell.

  1. The Price of the Home was just too high(overpriced) for a buyer to see the value of purchasing this home. This can take place for one of two reasons. First, the seller just needed or wanted too much for the home, that the market is just not willing to justify it. Second, the agent priced the home too high because either he didn't study the market properly or just wanted to land an overpriced listing.
  2. The agent didn't do his/her job. They simply added the home to the MLS and hoped it would sell. This does happen quite often when an agent doesn't have the proper marketing skills. 
  3. Sometimes the agent doesn't capture all the detailed information or has poor quality photographs, which leaves the homeowner scratching their head wondering why there are no buyers.
  4. Poor communication between the listing agent and the homeowner. The buyer's agents will normally give the listing agent feedback on the house to let the agent know any flaws or reasons that potential buyers are not liking the home. Sometimes painful, this needs to be shared with the owner so they can be fixed if necessary. 

Don't let this happen to you.  Call or Text Mike O'Neil (941-412-7505) so your home doesn't expire off of the market.  Let's put a sold sign next to your home!

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