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Pre-Foreclosure Sale

Any homeowner that has fallen behind on their payments is considered to be in pre-foreclosure status. Foreclosure can be stopped by catching up your payments, paying off the mortgage, or selling the home. In some cases, a mortgage company may accept less than the amount owed which is considered a short sale. A homeowner may have to provide some type of hardship letter to share with the bank what exactly caused the problem of falling behind.

Normally a homeowner has up until the foreclosure auction sale of the property to stop the foreclosure. If the attorney handling the foreclosure is contacted within the allowed time, a bank may cancel the auction if the home is under contract to be sold, or in some cases even listed with a real estate agent to be sold. 

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Bad for the homeowner and the bank

Ruined credit

Bank loses a lot

Potential liability for losses

Complete loss of control


There is no cost to you

The bank pays my fees

Negotiation experts work against the bank

You have more control

You can get on with your life

Helping homeowners is

My Passion, My Priviledge, and My Profession.

Call me today, I can help you avoid foreclosure

and get a "green light" on your short sale.

Don't let your home be foreclosed on!

Don't just sit back and let the bank foreclose on your home. Take action and let an experienced agent get your home sold. You may even walk away with a little money in your pocket to help pay for moving expenses or a deposit on a rental. 

Short sale your home if necessary. You may qualify for a mortgage in 2-3 years with a short sale. If you allow the bank to foreclose, you could be stuck for 7 years before your can buy a home again. 

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