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Sell My Florida Home

You may be thinking a short sale is not necessary with today's market. Unfortunately for some it is a much better option than letting the bank foreclose. 

Banks would much rather let you short sale the home. It can be a very expensive and timely process that ties up their money if they have to foreclose.

As a homeowner, it's a much more appealing option than allowing the foreclosure process to occur. You may be doubting that you will be purchasing a home in the near future. Finances and plans change. After a short sale, one may be able to purchase a home in just 2-3 years. A foreclosure could take up to 7 years before one is able to qualify for a mortgage. Always contact a Real Estate Attorney to determine if a short sale is an option for you. 

We are happy to help you short sale your home if necessary. We have teamed with a professional negotiations company that specializes in negotiating with banks to allow a short sale to occur. This company will cost you nothing. They are paid by the bank to negotiate your short sale. 

Sometimes catching up the mortgage or deferred maintenance of the home is just too much for a homeowner. We have found that many investors are just waiting for projects to fix and flip. Rather than destroy your credit, an option is to short sale the home.

We would be happy to discuss the process with you and help determine if this is a good choice for you. 

Sell My Florida Home

Short Sales

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Bad for the homeowner and the bank
Ruined credit
Bank loses a lot
Potential liability for losses
Complete loss of control


There is no cost to you
The bank pays my fees
Negotiation experts work against the bank
You have more control
You can get on with your life

Helping homeowners is
My Passion, My Priviledge, and My Profession.

Call me today, I can help you avoid foreclosure
and get a "green light" on your short sale

​​​​​​​​​Sell My Florida Home

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